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Analog Touch Effects, Plug-In for SONIC CORE PLATFORM


Have you ever thought that your digital sounds might need a little something to make them sound even better? Ever wanted the subtle touch brought by expensive tube preamps? Open your ;ears, turn a knob, press a button, that’s all you need to know to work with the FAT Inserts.

The SpaceF Fat Inserts give a Furiously Analog Touch to any sound source, including voices, acoustic, electric and software instruments, bass, drums and guitars. They are especially advised before any kind of compressors, limiters, aural exciter, eqs and filters. The 2-stages valve circuit helps in getting a subtle drive that does not sound acid, but continues the enhance the low end spectrum. The FAT Algorythm is not a distortion unit or a compressor: but they will make your distortions and compressions sound better, with a constantly low dsp use.

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67,00 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl. packaging and shipping costs
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