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Debbie Droner + Scope Commander Bundle
Excellent deep, transparent and living sound by Ocean Swift Synthesis

Debbie Droner + Scope Commander Bundle

Take your opportunity to express and realize your ideas by Ocean Swift Synthesis plug-ins, introducing this brand new devices for the SCOPE DSP platform (PCI-boards and XITE-1):

DEBBIE DRONER 4-OSC Psychedelic Monster
Debbie Droner is an experimental synth designed specially for unorthodox sounds, intricate sound effects and dirty synth lines! It comes with 4 oscillators with expandable FM capabilities, individual inputs and outputs, individual midi channel control, extensive modulations and OSC interaction for a unique sounding playground.

A one of a kind Pack of MIDI tools that expand the functionality of any SCOPE or hardware device, the Scope Commander bundle comes with MIDI CC managers and randomizers and a MIDI keyboard with a unique hold function. Centralize your studio and assert control while adding a random touch of creativity to your workflow.

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232,05 EUR
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