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Dream Bundle
Excellent deep, transparent and living sound by Ocean Swift Synthesis

Dream Bundle

Didgeridreamer + Aeolian Harp + Shruti C, F, G, Duet, Supreme + Cyan Bell + Gateway

The "Dream Bundle", a one of a kind experience for the SCOPE Platform! A collection of Unique devices envisioned for Drone Music, Cinematic Music, Sound design and other experimentations!

Aeolian Harp Additive Hybrid Synthesizer
From intricate mesmerizing drones, the hypnotic sound of electrical wires, pure tones and eerie soundscapes. The aeolian harp is a unique digital take with a twist on the ancient greek instrument of nature.

Didgeridreamer Formant Substractive Synthesizer
The hypnoticly mysterious tones of the Aboriginals manifest in a inspired instrument based on formant and subtractive synthesis techniques.

Shrutiboxes Additive Drone Synthesizers
(Available within this bundle only!) The fun and unique Indian harmony setting shruti boxes make their way to the Scope platform in the form of simple and clever additive synthesis instruments.

Cyan Bell
(Available within this bundle only!) A bells and effects device that gets pretty insane when automated.

(Available within this bundle only!) A simple and neat gate sequencer and envelope, ideal to use with the other drone bundle components.

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Regular prices:
Aeolian Harp: 79,- EUR net / 94,- EUR incl. VAT
Didgeridreamer: 79,- EUR net / 94,- EUR incl. VAT
Shrutiboxes, Cyan Bell, Gateway available within this bundle only!

Take your opportunity to express and realize your ideas by this amazing Ocean Swift Synthesis bundle for the SCOPE DSP platform (PCI-boards and XITE-1):

165,41 EUR
incl. 19 % UST zzgl. Verpackung und Versand
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