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dNa DAW Bundle

dNa DAW Bundle

dNa-Super8 Tracker

The dNa-Super8Tracker is a smart 8 channel recording mixer


  • 3-band EQ on every channel
  • Integrated High-pass filters
  • Analog-style Softclip Limiter (ASL) function
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 96kHz capable

dNa-Summer of 82

The dNa-Summer of 82 is a smart 8 stereo buss summing to 1 stereo device. Especially for the ones mixing in DAW-software


  • Level/Pan for every buss and the master.
  • MS-Widening on EVERY buss!
  • Solo-listening on separate Control-room output
  • 96kHz capable

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