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dNa Mastering Bundle

dNa Mastering Bundle

Master or Buss Compressor

Combining the best of both worlds into one unique slamming compressor/limiter!


  • 4 individual inputs i.e. to compare stereo in and out
  • New / Old style circuit topology
  • Blend compressed with original
  • Analog drive / Coloration
  • Smart sidechain filtering
  • And much more!

dNa-Stereo Equaliser

Color your mix or sounds with this unique and easy-to-use analog style equaliser.


  • Stereo or MS processing
  • Analog drive / Coloration
  • Smart preset frequencies
  • Type II: use less, get more.
  • Intuitive in use


Unique M/S processor, compressing the M or S component from a stereo source, also compresses the M-signal reacting to the S-signal or vice vera.


• New / Old style circuit topology
• MS processing; a specialized mastering technique.
• Works in RMS mode (more musical compression).
• Analog drive / Coloration
• Smart sidechain filtering
• 96kHz capable

Product description


89,00 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl. packaging and shipping costs

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