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SCOPE v5.1 Software Upgrade
Upgrade from SFP 3.1, SCOPE v4.0/v4.5

SCOPE v5.1 Software Upgrade

If you own any Creamware or Sonic Core DSP-hardware with more than 4 DSPs and you want to be thoroughly up-to-date, and if you want to work with many more outstanding Plug-Ins, the SCOPE v5.1 software is the right thing for you.

  • Windows 7 32/64 Bit support
  • New driver for ASIO, WAVE
  • Mix'n'Master Pack 2*, Synth'n'Sampler Pack 2**
  • New S|C Channelstrip EQ
  • New S|C Channelstrip Dynamics
  • New S|C Channelstrip SC-SL9000
  • New Reverb Effects: LX-Bundle***, SC-RMX 160, 5.1 Surround Reverb

    Product description

    *Mix'n'Master Pack 2: Optimaster, PSY Q, Vinco, Interpole, VDAT, Vocodizer

    **Synth'n'Sampler Pack 2: Minimax, Profit 5, B2003, Modular III, Vectron, STS-5000

    ***LX-effects are 4 high quality effects that need much DSP Power. Therefore not all effects can be loaded on small 3/4 DSP systems. SC Plate reverb, SC Ambience reverb, SC Inverse reverb, SC Chorus Delay.

    (Please note: No STS and no XTC mode available when running on 64bit Windows)

    237,00 EUR
    incl. 19 % Tax excl. packaging and shipping costs
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